Just had a hip replacement, i know too young, but tell that to the crap Army medic who gave me some deep heat for a ripped tendon back in Norway in 1993..so I decided this was the perfect time to start my blog, i know i bore people to death with my passion for food but i love what we have on our amazing island and even more on my doorstep in Berkshire. We are so lucky to have people who like me, are passionate about what we are putting on our plates and what goes on behind the scenes to make this possible. If it wasn't for that passion from Farmers, Butchers, Fishmongers, Bakers to the people who showcase these amazing products my life would be so much harder as a chef, with so much innovation in the food scene right now its the perfect opportunity to see what is the best out there. So each week I'm going to show you recipes, where is best to shop, how to save money and what supermarkets are ripping you off, whats new, whats in season and  where you are being conned with food descriptions and lots more, 

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